How to properly maintain IPL Hair Removal?
In the newly bought IPL Hair Removal are generally not "open", should be first in the coarse grinding stone grinding out the IPL Hair Removal, and then in the fine grinding stone grinding to sharp; with dull IPL Hair Removal, if first put in a concentration of 10% salt water soak for a few moments, and then grinding, while grinding side dripping with salt water, so that the IPL Hair Removal grinding both fast, and grinding sharp; IPL Hair Removal with dull, try not to be on the edge of the cylinder or the bottom of the bowl on the grinding and scraping, so as not to damage the blade; IPL Hair Removal after use, to insert in the IPL Hair Removal frame, do not throw, to avoid touching damage to the edge; IPL Hair Removal to be often sharpened, sharpening to do the same number of times positive and negative. Grind both ends with the middle; IPL Hair Removal are generally placed in a ventilated, dry place, away from water and gas, etc.
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