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As a professional IPL Hair Removal manufacturer, Siken 3D provides a complete supply chain system for your brand projects. Any IPL Hair Removal including regular packaging and customised packaging, will be provided with brand logo printing service. Siken 3D help you to make your product ideas into reality.
Consider your brand uniformity
Siken 3D is very concerned about the unity of your brand, so Siken 3D provides you with exclusive logo laser engraving service to engrave your brand logo by laser machine on any place you specify on the tool.
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Siken 3D designs IPL Hair Removal for your brand
Siken 3D designs IPL Hair Removal for your brand
IPL Hair Removal design is a very deep science, the final design will consider the comfort of IPL Hair Removal handle, the coordination when using the IPL Hair Removal, the length of the IPL Hair Removal and the weight of the handle. To solve this problem, our experienced R&D team is constantly developing products based on advanced technology.
Siken 3D produces high quality IPL Hair Removals for your brand
Siken 3D produces high quality IPL Hair Removals for your brand
State-of-the-art machinery is used to meet the high demands for quantity and quality of IPL Hair Removals, we can deliver our products on time. Considering about workplace safety, we follow the 5S standard to optimize every operation on our shop floor for increased productivity and continuous cleanliness. As a BSCI-certified factory, we focus on ensuring quality at every step of manufacturing.
High quality tool standards are an important thing
The perfect appearance
From size and shape to custom logos, we check each IPL Hair Removal to see if they meet your requirements and follow your preferred design.
Stable blade
We test our tools for resistance to wear and tear, and every tool delivered is intended to last as long as possible
Correct assembly and packaging
Prior to packaging, we inspect each component for any defects. Once we have completed our inspection, we verify that the packaging information is consistent with your order.
Transport stability
Each package we will test the stability of the package to ensure that the transport process does not produce packaging detachment and the creation of foreign rattles
The perfect appearance
Stable blade
Correct assembly and packaging
Transport stability
Types of IPL Hair Removal IPL Hair Removal
Western IPL Hair Removal include IPL Hair Removal, Filliting IPL Hair Removal, Serrated IPL Hair Removal, Boning IPL Hair Removal, Small paring IPL Hair Removal.
Types of materials for IPL Hair Removal IPL Hair Removal
If you divide it according to the material, it can be divided into steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, ceramic, etc. In fact, it is not the higher the hardness the higher the sharpness. Because the IPL Hair Removal "fast" also depends on the degree of the IPL Hair Removal blade, softness, etc..
Types of handles for IPL Hair Removal IPL Hair Removal
We all know that there are a large number and various types of handle materials available in the IPL Hair Removal market nowadays. But in general, these materials can be divided into 3 parts: metals, synthetic materials, and natural materials. Metal: Metals are very common in IPL Hair Removal handles, they are strong and durable, and they are excellent for outdoor equipment. Synthetic materials: Synthetic materials are modern materials, most of which are developed specifically for certain characteristics, and developers are now constantly designing better and newer materials. Natural materials: Natural materials are older materials, most of which have been used for hundreds of years and have played an important role in the history of IPL Hair Removal making.
The hardness level of IPL Hair Removal IPL Hair Removal
Hardness is one of the most important criteria for measuring a IPL Hair Removal. There are three common indicators of tool hardness: Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers. Generally speaking, the hardness we refer to is Rockwell hardness, Rockwell hardness means that under the specified applied load, the steel ball or diamond indenter is pressed vertically into the surface of the test piece, producing indentation, testing the indentation depth, using the Rockwell hardness formula HR = (K-H)/C can be calculated Rockwell hardness, with "HRC" expressed. To sum up, the shallower the indentation, the higher the HR value, the higher the hardness of the tool measured. For example, HRC60, that is, in the test load of 150kg, using the top angle of 120 degrees of the diamond cone indenter, the depth of indentation of the test piece is 0.08mm.
Application principle of IPL Hair Removal IPL Hair Removal
The shape and center of gravity of the IPL Hair Removal affects the grip of the IPL Hair Removal. The balanced design of premium IPL Hair Removal seeks to give every user an instant feeling of lightness, comfortable grip and unparalleled sharpness. The sharpness of a IPL Hair Removal can affect the taste of food. The Japanese love sashimi and seek the ultimate sharpness of IPL Hair Removal, not because ordinary IPL Hair Removal can't cut, but because a sharp IPL Hair Removal can make the ingredients look their best, with a smooth mirror-like cut surface and a smooth mouthfeel. The sharpness and longevity of the IPL Hair Removal, the influence of the material is decisive. The higher the hardness, the sharper the IPL Hair Removal, the better the durability, but at the same time the toughness will decline, hardness, toughness, rust resistance is the relationship between this and that. The key is hardness, which is determined by carbon. The hardness of IPL Hair Removal is usually indicated by the Rockwell hardness C scale (HRC). The general steel for IPL Hair Removal has a Rockwell hardness of HRC between 55 and 65. Generally speaking, the hardness of Japanese IPL Hair Removal is large, generally at 60-62, German IPL Hair Removal are slightly lower, generally between 55-58, and Chinese IPL Hair Removal are generally around 50.
Why cooperate with Siken 3D
Siken 3D has 14 years of experience in IPL Hair Removal making, from conventional IPL Hair Removal to customizing your own project ideas can be fully realized, benefiting from Everweath's production producers, high volume standardized automatic production equipment, effectively reducing product costs and production efficiency, and supporting individual packaging customization, maintaining the image of your brand
For wholesalers, Siken 3D has hundreds of IPL Hair Removal from IPL Hair Removal to accessories to meet your ideas, just contact us and one of our project managers will get back to you right away with a price you'll be happy with and a quality product.
OEM Products
Siken 3D offers strong OEM services that can build your brand, your wide selection of customized products with our certified factory production facilities and our team's extensive experience can make you competitive in your target market
Drop Shipping
For the sustainability of your brand, Siken 3D support the one-for-one mode.The premise is that Siken 3D gets your authorization and signs the contract.
Siken 3D Supports Your Products Projects
Design and Development
Siken 3D offers impressive custom design options - based on your ideas and input, our R&D team is committed to creating a late buy efficient design that will benefit your end users
OEM Service Design
Get the best quality parts and materials for your tools from Siken 3D for high quality manufacturing, and our OEM services can help you build your brand and grow your business.
IPL Hair Removal Manufacturing
Siken 3D has many years of experience in IPL Hair Removal manufacturing - we have the perfect system for cost control, efficiency improvement, and quality control delivery in our factories
Quality Control
Siken 3D believes in high quality products for long-term cooperation - we use various quality inspection processes during the production stage to ensure quality
Order Management
Customer service is the top priority of Siken 3D, our project managers will keep our customers informed of the project progress regularly
Warranty and after-sales
Siken 3D offers a 3-year warranty on all tooling solutions, because we believe that providing our customers with after-sales service provides longer and more stable cooperation.
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