Can I use IPL after tanning from sunbathing or tanning beds ?


If you would like sun bathe or use tanning beds after using IPL hair removal, please refer to below guidelines:

Your skin will be more sensitive directly after the treatment.

Wait at least 24 hours or until all redness has disappeared before you expose treated areas to the sun.

Cover treated areas when you go out into the sun or use a sunblock (*50 SPF) in the 48 hours after treatment.

If you would like to use IPL hair removal after sunbathing or using tanning beds, please refer to below guildelines:

Wait at least 48 hours after tanning before you use IPL hair removal.

Do not use IPL hair removal if you have sunburned skin and for as long as the sunburn persists.

Be aware that all types of tanning darken the skin.

Always check the recommended skin-hair colour table and adapt the light intensity to a lower setting if appropriate to avoid skin reactions and side effects.

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